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Shouldn't the way we share research be as advanced as the Internet?

Leslie Pack Kaelbling

Leslie Pack Kaelbling

"It used to be that six people were working on the same thing at once and didn’t know it. That can still happen, but now as soon as one person writes it up in the literature you can know about it. It’s going to decrease duplication of effort, and free more people to work on things that are truly new and exciting. That’s the biggest impact."

Leslie Pack Kaelbling
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Get More from Your Academic Research

In the age of the Internet, the ways you share and use academic research results are changing — rapidly, fundamentally, irreversibly. There’s great potential in change. After all, faster and wider sharing of journal articles, research data, simulations, syntheses, analyses, and other findings fuels the advance of knowledge. It’s a two-way street — sharing research benefits you and others. But will the promise of digital scholarship be fully realized? How will yesterday’s norms adapt to tomorrow’s possibilities?

This website will help you understand the changing landscape and how it affects you and your research. It also offers practical ways to look out for your own interests as a researcher.

A scholarly revolution is underway. It enables you to get a greater return from your research. All you have to do is share it.